Code list of classification of business activities in Poland – PKD 2007

Today short post about polish code list of classification of business activities. Don’t worry about 2007 in name – yes, it means year 2007 but it is still the right classification to use. Classification is valid since 1st Jan 2008 and it is still valid. Names and descriptions are in polish.
PKD stands for “Polska Klasyfikacja Działalności“, and it means “Polish business activity classification codes“.
Original file is formatted XML, I decided to transfer it into json file. I removed any association fields between classification (I mean id, uuid) because json file is multidimensional array and those associations are stored as an array structure.
I also removed <body> </body> tags from description.
And there are in fact two tables – first for name order and second for classification code order.
You may use this file like this:

Please note that uncompressed file is a bit over 1,5MB. This is mainly for descriptions and because there are two sets of data, however original XML is about 2MB, so we are still ahead.
You may download those codes here – Code list of classification of business activities in Poland – PKD 2007. This is compressed file, it is about 300kB. Have fun!

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