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    HTML Knowledge Base

    I wrote few articles about WordPress, about WooCommerce, PHP etc. But where are the basics? With this entry I would like to start a new series – articles about HTML, which is not as obvious as it seems. Important: we are talking about HTML5 here. We don’t need XHTML or HTML4 anymore. And this is so good… The global structure of an HTML document Document Type Document type should be the first element passed to the browser, after headers. Browser has to know, what we are passing to it. To use HTML5 and this is the only situation we discuss here, use: <!doctype html> The HTML element As you probably…

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    Panom i Paniom z HR pod uwagę

    Czytam wiele postów w których rekruterzy doradzają programistom co mówić, czego nie mówić, jak prowadzić rozmowę. Cenna rzecz, na pewno. A już szczególnie z punktu widzenia rekrutera – co, oczywiście, pośrednio może wpłynąć i na los takiego biednego programisty. W tym zalewie informacyjnym chciałbym jednak zamieścić parę słów do rekruterów właśnie. Swoją drogą, mój słownik nie zna słowa rekruter. Zna rekieter ale czy to zabawna koincydencja czy nie, zależy zapewne od czytelnika i jego osobistych doświadczeń. Otóż, kochani, jeśli obiecujecie, że zadzwonicie o godzinie ósmej, to pamiętajcie, że ta dłuższa wskazówka sterczy w górę niczym… tutaj dla każdego coś miłego, a ta mniejsza – na bałwanku. Dzwonienie o czternastej, następnego…

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    Photography source

    Sometimes you ask me, where do I get all those photographs I use on this site or in themes examples. Well, there are a lot of public-domain or free to use sources, but I am especially pleased with Of course it is rather small source (comparing to paid sources) but it’s still enough. And quality of the photos are excellent in most cases. So, feel free to use it! PS: I am not connected with in any way, except for using their photos! Horizontal images gallery Vertical images gallery Note that I decreased a lot of those photographs dimensions and obviously I use only those pictures I used…

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    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year, all WordPress, PHP, etc. etc. users and developers! It’s my first new year message and I’m not sure what I should write. Excluding happy new year message itself, it’s obvious, of course. Well, I think a bit about WordPress future. Very recently we got WordPress 4.7 version, it’s pretty nice mile stone, I think we all like it. WordPress is superb, powerful CMS, do we need more? What would road-map for WordPress looks like? Of course I use WordPress 4.8 alpha on my local machine (you may do this as well, it is appreciated), but where are we going? First thought was – whenever we will go,…

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    Google Analytics

    Some of you know, that I wrote Google Analytics Head plugin for WordPress (freely available in WordPress repository). Of course I use it on my webpages, and today I look at its results. Well, I was impressed! Almost 22% from India! Second place – Canada (over 10%) and third – USA (about 5%). Well, I heard a lot about programmers in India, thank you for using my blog! Most popular article is, no surprises here, Insert new woocommerce product programmatically. I like it, too. I hope we will meet in the future!

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    New PHP7 release

    Just a few days ago, I wrote about me using PHP 7.0.2 at home and voilà – yesterday PHP team has just announced PHP 7.0.3. Of course I upgarded my local servers and now I got PHP 7.0.3 to deal with. To be honest, I heard a lot about PHP7 speed improvements, and I can agree with that – it’s faster. And it is worth to use it. And I think it will gain popularity over the months. I think we may say bye, bye to PHP 5.x.

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    What PHP version do you use? Part 2.

    Well, it’s tricky question. I always try to use as newest as possible. First of all, it gives me a lot of brand new features. Secondly, I can assure myself compatibility. I know that my scripts will work even is someone somewhere will upgrade one’s server. So, my provider gives me PHP 5.2.x, 5.3.x, 5.4.x, 5.5.x, 5.6.x and – for testing purposes – 7.0.x. I use 5.6.x because I’m not sure about their plans about upgrading PHP7. Sometimes I got client, who has PHP 5.4 and I have no choice. Of course I may tell him, that this is obsolete, but you know clients… At home, as a local developer…

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    What PHP version do you use?

    WordPress PHP requirement is easy. PHP 5.2.x is the minimal version, maybe because it supports JSON natively, however WordPress team recommend PHP 5.4. You must know, that PHP 5.3 is obsolete and it is no longer supported. It was alive since 30th June 2009 (sic!) to 14th August 2015. What brings PHP 5.3 so useful? Namespaces. Of course there are a lot more. But for our WordPress adventures, we do need namespaces. Because it is the way to omit any name conflict. So, I can recommend you at least PHP 5.5 (it started on 20th June 2013!) and my themes / plugins requires PHP 5.3 at least (because it uses…