Happy New Year!

Happy new year, all WordPress, PHP, etc. etc. users and developers! It’s my first new year message and I’m not sure what I should write. Excluding happy new year message itself, it’s obvious, of course.

Well, I think a bit about WordPress future. Very recently we got WordPress 4.7 version, it’s pretty nice mile stone, I think we all like it. WordPress is superb, powerful CMS, do we need more? What would road-map for WordPress looks like? Of course I use WordPress 4.8 alpha on my local machine (you may do this as well, it is appreciated), but where are we going?

First thought was – whenever we will go, we need to stay updated. I often repeat this sentence – stay updated. Usually I wrote it in context of WordPress updating. On your live sites. And it is important indeed, because most of the updates are security updates. Today I write it in context of modern web technology and a place where WordPress is located in this context.

I don’t want to write lot of text about philosophy of technology. Not because I don’t like it, I think my english is way too poor to make my thoughts clear. So… happy new year and that’s all!

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