Hot new WordPress – 4.6 Pepper

So, they call it Pepper in honor of Park “Pepper” Adams, but its still hot. New version of WordPress is always a good thing (well, version 5 would be much more fun, but…) So, don’t waste any more time, go and upgrade your WordPress installation. Please note, that default theme Twenty Sixteen would need update too.

So, what’s new? As I wrote recently, there are no Open Sans font anymore. WordPress 4.6 uses native fonts instead. It is a good thing, because all modern browsers has “proper” fonts and we do not need to call Google Fonts server – it saves our time. Inline link checker, content recovery (content is saved to the browser by WordPress).

We’ve got more (for me!) interesting things under the hood. Resource hints, adding case-insensitive headers, parallel HTTP requests and support for IDNs. New objects, WP_Term_Query and WP_Post_Type. Meta registration API has been expanded, translations on demand etc. And faster (thanks to cached queries) multi-sites!

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