Image Widget – WordPress 4.8

This will be a short story about new features in upcoming WordPress 4.8. Since we have Release Candidate v2 available, we may take a closer look into those features. First, widget images. Of course you may get this feature using third party plugins, now you do not need them, you have Image Widget in core. You may see this one in action in the featured image to this post. This new widget is pretty powerful. Of course you may add/edit image but that’s not all. You may also set caption, alternative text and set link and display size. Additionally you may set up advanced settings – image title attribute, image CSS class, link relation, link CSS class and set link to open in a new tab. It’s good.

What is missing? Well, I would add gallery option. I mean – a bunch of images and let user choose – to show it randomly, to show some picture on Monday and another one on Tuesday etc. But if you don’t need those options, you should remove your existing image widget plugin and let core plugin rock for you.

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