Text Widget – WordPress 4.8

You may ask – what do you mean, text widget? We know text widget since… I don’t know, since big bang! Or maybe even longer! Yes, you do. And I know it, too. But this is updated text widget and it is really worth to take a look at it. Default text widget, even in WordPress 4.7.5 is very easy. It’s just a title, content and optionally you may set adding paragraphs automatically. Very easy solution and obviously outdated. So, how it looks now? Well, it’s still title and content. Automatic paragraphs option is missing… So, why it is better? Because it looks much more like text editor for posts or pages. You may choose between visual editor and text editor and you have simple set of TinyMCE icons ready to rock! You may see those differences in featured image. On the left – text widget from WordPress 4.7.5 and on the right – updated text widget from WordPress 4.8 RC2. And now we may call it Rich Text Widget. Have fun!

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